journal, day 2

There won't be much here today because I'm going to my dad's and I'm going to learn to screen print shirts and stuff. I want to make something I would wear.

Wondering if you can screen print on sweaters. I think you can, I don't see why not.

OMG. I've been gone all day. I learned how to screen print and do tattoos. I think that's all I really have to say for now. It was a pretty decent day. I wouldn't say I'm happy for my mood right now. I think I would just say I am calm and content. I'm not expecting too much else out of the day, this was enough for me; it was fun.

Tomorrow, I have my teaching appointment for HRT. I'm not sure how I to do the shots in practice, but, I know how to do them in theory.

I'm gonna start the second Kingsman movie tonight. Val says he wants to join so I'll make sure to @ him and wait for then. I hope the food is done by the time I'm ready to watch the movie.

I'm not sure if anyone else is going to join or if they want to but for now I'm just going to be waiting on Val. I feel like outside of this instance that I wait a lot on people to interact with me.

Just generally speaking, I think that I delegate myself to waiting on people and always trying to be there for them and apologetic and it makes me confused.

Anyway, spiel aside, I'm looking forward to watching a movie with my friend.

Read about some trauma response hybrids. I think I might be some sort of fight/freeze, freeze/fight. I'm not sure if the placement really matters.

It's really boring here. My life is really boring and nothing happens and everything is still. There isn't much of anything to do around here.

Left call early. Val might show up later to watch the movie, but I didn't want to wait so we can just watch it another time. I really just want to lie down, my body is hurting. My tailbone specifically, I sat down too long and now everything is aching badly. I think I'll call it an early night. I have my teaching appointment for HRT at 11am tomorrow.


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