It's Official

I've officially tested positive. Once my wife realized I started having slight trouble breathing, we set up an appointment to get a test at a drive thru testing location. We had an appointment, and 2 hours of a car line past the scheduled time, I got a nose swap. On the way back at another drive thru, I got the text. Positive. I'd been wearing a mask while we waited to find out, but that was still a bummer, although I sort of figured at this point.

The worst part about it is more the anxiety than my actual symptoms, which I suppose is a good thing. Maybe not good, but better than nothing. I am now quarantined in the office. My wife has no symptoms whatsoever, but she's getting a test soon too. Not the rapid result, because we can't afford a second one of those when a free one will let us know in a few days.

That reminds me, as I was scheduling my appointment, I found a coupon code online. Using it knocked off a whopping five whole dollars off the total cost of $175. And when I got to the point to actually pay, it said I couldn't use the coupon code because I had in another transaction somehow. That's probably as American as COVID testing could get, this stuff writes itself.

As parents of a 3 month old, along with a toddler and elderly parent living with us, the concern about the positive test is still strong. I shouldn't have any contact with anyone for a while. As for my wife? With no symptoms, it's a calculated risk, but one we don't really have alternatives for. Relying on her mom to somehow wake up and go all the way upstairs to care for our baby if and when he wakes in the middle of the night isn't really practical. Both isolating is a childcare logistical nightmare, so it's a half measure we have to take.

By coincidence, although more likely just an eventuality of the increasing infection rates, a few of my friends have also tested positive. One from a COVID denying old boss, who I actually worry might not make it through to the other side, another two most likely infected from working at a particular rainforest named company's warehouses. We're not in it alone, at least. For the most part we haven't had terribly debilitating symptoms, at least by comparison. I guess that means we still count as "young" by not hitting our third decades just yet.

Although I'm sick, I'm in a good place. I worry my wife is worrying even more than I am, she's probably taking the brunt of the mental toll by still having to care for our children while her health is questionable. Mentally, I feel like I just have to laugh at it. Oh noooo. Who could have foreseen that having me travel to literally all company locations and departments at headquarters over the course of a week around Thanksgiving would infect me? It was all in the name of being able to host a virtual company wide event to try and keep a sense of normalcy and community, which has value. It was something I was glad to try and make happen. It wasn't a completely blind corporate decision, I get that. It was a calculated move, but the odds were not in our favor. Or my favor, particularly. Even with all the precautions, I'm still sick. I'm just glad it isn't terrible, and that I haven't been around my coworkers since I really started feeling symptoms.

Bright side, I'm now remote indefinitely, although I still have to report that I'm sick and actually take the time to rest and recover. I worked remote two days this week to try and help out, since a coworker recently left and our team is small. A little too late, but it'll be nice once I'm recovered. If I do get the position I recently applied for, I'll be remote also, so when I get through this, I can finally completely isolate. A life of not being near people sounds great, so long as I can still post stupid memes with my friends while we half-die and get through this together, all stuck in our own rooms miles apart.

Being able to work from home with my new 60% kailh box white Anne Pro II is quite nice. The thick thocks are satisfying. Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things. Like nature, family, or an excellently manufactured keyboard or meme.

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