Rae's First Lie

I'm still recovering, and I've been extremely fatigued, but overall I'm hanging in there. That being said, it's been long enough that my family felt comfortable with me leaving the office briefly wearing a mask. I'd still rather be on the wary side, so I'm still not sleeping in my bed, but it's much less claustrophobic being able to go downstairs for a snack here and there.

So, Rae has slowly begun to speak in full sentences. With great power, comes the ability to form a ruse. I'm new to having children so I'm not sure how common it is, but she has a poop face. She'll stick her butt out slightly, like the bad posture of a 60 year old man wearing a back brace, with the torso trying to get ahead of the legs, and she'll get a certain focused look on her face. She used to pair with with moving her walker to a particular section of the kitchen as well, although the habit of locality has given way to convenience of doing it whenever the need arises.

We've seen it a million times, we know what it means, and today was no different. After noticing a certain odor, Stephanie asked Rae, "Do you want to go to the potty?", to which she replied, "No". Stephanie followed up again asking, "Are you sure? I think you made a stinky.", and Rae, lying through her incomplete set of teeth went, "No, I didn't". Rae then added, "Ava, Ava", while pointing to our German Shepherd who was laying down at her feet.

This little child just lied to my wife's face for the first time ever, and it was practically blaming a fart on the dog! Hilarious, I couldn't be more proud of another first lie. It's a little thing, but that's basically the technically-on-Christmas family story that's going to stick with me, since it's the first Christmas with our "complete" family, meaning having both Rae and Mar.

I had COVID and was still half-isolated to the office and slept most of Christmas day away due to my flipped sleeping schedule, but our little girl pooped and blamed the smell on the dog, so I've got that bit of genuine Christmas joy going for me hahaha

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