Starting is never the hardest part

Starting is never the hardest part…

When it comes to these sorts of endeavors (blogging or websiting or writing) I tend to have a lot of beginning energy and allow distractions to split my focus. I, like I assume every other aspiring someone, have the best intentions and come out of the gate like a flaming cheetah of spirit and the next day talk myself out of continuing or allow whatever silent recriminations I make up to convince myself that it’s pointless and what I do/create/am doesn’t matter.

I don’t know if this time will be different, but I’d like it to be. I’m thinking that the very act of working through this ambivalence in the written form will bolster that inner-voice so it needs to be expressed; instead of creating as a cry for approval. It feels fairly crappy when put that way.

So again, this is a start and my thought is to make at least one of these a day-to write out whatever needs to be done to get my doing something. It could be more, but in the beginning I need to keep to my plan and crawl before I walk.

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