New Start

New start

So, I’ve been belly-aching pretty hard since I started this little fun-time writing project and I’m kinda tired of being that way. Maybe it took me to see it in writing to recognize how toxic I’m being with myself. I took some days off to try and regain perspective and get myself on a path that is at least constructive.

I find I can be fairly intense about some thing and can let myself get super-focused on what I think I should do but not actually pay attention to how I react to doing what I think I should. It’s a great recipe for blinders and obsession and/or missing the larger picture. I started this writing project to give myself an outlet for writing and to also get myself in the habit of writing everyday, so that is what I did-no matter how I felt. So, I wrote everyday and began the self-pity or whatever you’d want to call it and maybe resented the energy it took to do what I said I would-who knows where my head was at really. The tl/dr is I stopped doing what I set out to do.

I got to go and attend a talk my wife gave today about social media marketing. She is a great speaker and super-personable. I am grateful I got to see her because it reminded me how great she is, which in the day to day journey of anyone’s life is easy to lose sight of. Seeing how wonderful she is reminded me how lucky I am which had me seeing the world in a different light-poof! new start!

Be well

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