New digs

Again-a while since I last posted and technically the first time posting to this new platform. As my dear reader has guessed, I took the posts from another platform and transposed the scribblings here for a couple of reasons, the largest being ease of entry. Though this platform is different than the last-I'm hoping to better like the anonymity than the last one.

It's interesting that this exercise in writing is taking its own shape outside of what I intended. I don't really remember what the initial intention was-aside from wanted to "get out what is in my head" but whatever the initial intention was the endeavor has morphed into a self-discovery/trail of breadcrumbs from where I first started. I often indulge too often in waxing philosophic and poetically with language laced with flowers and warm fuzzies and I'm not sure where that comes from. Maybe I want to be seen as erudite and have strangers think well of me? Maybe I want to create my world that way to make it more palatable to consume on a daily basis-mental comfort food as it were. Maybe this will be made more clear if I do a better job at writing more often. The old adages of knowing yourself springs to mind-which I can always do better at.
In any event, this is once more a commitment to writing and bettering myself in the process.

be well

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