stupid rollercoasters

So I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters, nor am I really a fan of horror movies (but slasher stuff is fun when I'm in the mood). I just don't enjoy the act of feeling afraid, not that these things actually scare me; maybe the issue is I can't suspend my disbelief to think these things are scary. Scary to me is losing the love of my life or seeing a loved one suffer or something beyond my control. Rollercoasters are not dangerous-or shouldn't be really; they can be thrilling but not scary.

The reason I bring this up-is that emotional rollercoasters are scary to me. I sometimes get into a state where my emotions will just come out and I'll be happy/sad/weepy/giggling all in the spam of 5 minutes. I don't know what brings about this state, but it stinks and is substantially unnerving. Not being in control of my emotional state is unsettling, which is likely the point. It's crossed my mind that the reason for this 'imbalance' of emotion is due to my having a stranglehold on my feelings most of the time and eventually that stranglehold becomes too restricting and the stuff that I 'control' boils over and I can only hold on for the ride. That's my only idea as to why it happens.

I suppose it could be a biorhythm sort of thing-my time of the month as it were; but it doesn't happen monthly nor often enough to worry about it.

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