Captured Light

    I'm here. I made it. I nearly forgot to write today for the second day in a row. Writing at the end of the day is risky business. For some reason, the phrase "risky business"  makes me think of pirates on a large wooden ship traveling the open sea.  Salty wind flows around their dark, leather-ed, bearded faces as the eagle in the bird's nest uses his golden monocular to scour the horizon for precious, precious booty. There should be a squawking parrot in the picture somewhere.  Giant krakens, whales, and sea-monster sized octopuses lurk below the depths of the ever-flowing and infinite curtain that is the ocean's surface. The juncture of air and water is embedded with a shimmering, diamond-like lattice of refracted light that comes down from the heavens and bends at the crescent of every wave in the choppy sea. Turbulent travels turn to smooth sailing, and the fabric of light that is woven in each wave expands to paint an image of seemingly infinite riches. In each small wave, a diamond of light comes and goes, forever unreachable and yet, right there for the taking.

The Abundant Fountain

    It's incredible how different one day can be from the next. When I think back to yesterday, I must admit that it was quite a miserable experience. I was not happy most of the day. But today, even though not much has changed in this short span of time, I am incredibly happy. I am full of energy, I feel sharp, I have already accomplished a lot today, and I feel good about it. The sun is shining extremely bright today and I have to wonder how much that has to do with it. Spending time outside in the sun earlier today was amazing. It's amazing how the simple pleasures in life can fill me with such joy. The feeling of the sun hitting your skin is always incredible. I need more of that in my life. 

    Why don't humans have the ability to turn radiation from the sun into usable energy like plants? It seems like it would have been a beneficial thing to evolve into. Maybe the process is too slow? Maybe we're not meant to, for some reason. Like, if we evolved to photosynthesize, maybe we wouldn't have evolved in other beneficial ways. We would be green, right? If we had the capability to photosynthesize light into usable energy, we would have chlorophyll, which would mean that our skin would be green like plants. That's an interesting idea. Humans that can photosynthesize. Would it be a strictly addictive trait or would this be some sort of trade-off? If so, what would we lose?

    Would we lay around in the sun all day, eating the sun's energy, because it feels good? Would we begin to grow leaves, branches? Maybe this form of human, had it continued to evolve, would slowly turn into a tree as it got older. You would grow branches, leaves, your skin would turn into tree bark once you had a few leaves and branches already developed. Plant-humans would eventually decide to settle down and develop some roots. Hmmm, I wonder if we could coexist happily with our fellow plant-humans. They would probably be pretty upset at the current state of the world. A percentage of their population would probably turn to some form of environmental extremism. Man, this is a really interesting idea. Plant-humans. It's not a novel idea, I know. But, it leads to so many interesting places. I need to find some fantasy books that have taken up this premise. Oh man, what if similar to plant-humans, we have rock-people living deep underneath the earth's surface? The possibilities are endless. I am so grateful to be able to imagine, even if only just a little.

Today, I Will Do Better

  Another day, another bout with my own mind about whether or not I actually want to write anything. The answer is no. I do not want to write anything today. But here I am, showing up. Doing my time. Making an effort. The light from my window is creating a glare on my screen from which my neon yellow shirt is reflecting off of. I will defeat you one day, glare. Increasing brightness to 100 seemed to do little to remedy the situation. I will have to spend time searching the internet later on how to best combat screen glare. Blah blah blah blahhhh. Writing is hard. Speaking is pretty hard to. I guess I need to keep doing this in order to achieve some level of proficiency. That seems like an important thing to achieve. I wonder if there is some other way I should be using my writing time. Maybe I should tackle some writing prompts. 

  Today is a perplexing mix of rainy and sunny weather. It is very cloudy with random bouts of sudden rain, but the sun breaks through occasionally to provide maximum levels of sunlight. Its safe to say that the conditions are variable today. It is actually quite a unique day weather-wise. Should I take advantage of this fleeting sunlight and go for a walk? I told myself I would start walking more often. That's a lie. I told myself I would walk every morning but I have now transposed that commitment into a more reasonable one of "I will start walking more often" as opposed to "I will walk every day". Always saving face... Committing to do something every day is difficult. I also said that I would write every day, hahaha. Technically, I have been. But, the previous two days' writing consisted of a total of four lines. Yup. I started writing both days and didn't get very far with either. Today, I will do better. Today, I have done better. Today is better. Tomorrow will be even better. I'm counting on it.

The Gentle March of a Light Rain

    Over our heads, water molecules collide and conglobulate until they accumulate enough mass to fall out of the sky. The first rain drops are like the pattering of feet on the ground. A light tip tap tap.... Light rain brings this sense of expectation that at any moment an ocean may fall out of the sky. A heavy down pour crashing onto the earth and creating a flow of water on its surface. Seemingly infinite, discrete sources of fluid landing on a grid that is the surface. The sound of rain is always beautiful. Light rain gives the feeling that we are at an inflection point, that we are going somewhere. It is temporary and fleeting. Cherish prolonged periods of light rain. It is impossibly beautiful.
    Certain animals choose to venture out in this weather and I would like to do so as well. I long to forage for mushrooms in a heavily-wooded forest. I long to inhabit a forest that can make me feel like a character in a fantasy novel. A protagonist who sets out on an adventure in a land of endless possibility. I long to walk among ancient trees and wondrous creatures. I long to hear the wave of chirping birds in the canopies overhead. A wave that seems to come and go, ebb and flow, with the shifting of my attention. An orchestra of sound that can both fade away outside of your perception, or come crashing down like a tsunami. I long to observe squirrels and chipmunks sneakily scattering around. A chipmunk sighting always feels rare and special. It is usually brief, a fleeting glimpse as this small, yet crafty creature mazes its away through the topographical forest floor. A chipmunks struggles are nothing to scoff at. Predators lurk around every corner, over every knotted root. The chipmunk must be brave and swift to survive. I long to spot large, four-legged mammals and observe their behavior. I long to capture their form, both in memory and in a visually-perceivable form. I would like to be an invisible observer, to view without disturbance. Oh, the curse of a conscious being. Simultaneously desiring to be both a part of the world and removed from it. There is not one without the other.

8.20.2021 12:15 PM