Today, I Will Do Better

  Another day, another bout with my own mind about whether or not I actually want to write anything. The answer is no. I do not want to write anything today. But here I am, showing up. Doing my time. Making an effort. The light from my window is creating a glare on my screen from which my neon yellow shirt is reflecting off of. I will defeat you one day, glare. Increasing brightness to 100 seemed to do little to remedy the situation. I will have to spend time searching the internet later on how to best combat screen glare. Blah blah blah blahhhh. Writing is hard. Speaking is pretty hard to. I guess I need to keep doing this in order to achieve some level of proficiency. That seems like an important thing to achieve. I wonder if there is some other way I should be using my writing time. Maybe I should tackle some writing prompts. 

  Today is a perplexing mix of rainy and sunny weather. It is very cloudy with random bouts of sudden rain, but the sun breaks through occasionally to provide maximum levels of sunlight. Its safe to say that the conditions are variable today. It is actually quite a unique day weather-wise. Should I take advantage of this fleeting sunlight and go for a walk? I told myself I would start walking more often. That's a lie. I told myself I would walk every morning but I have now transposed that commitment into a more reasonable one of "I will start walking more often" as opposed to "I will walk every day". Always saving face... Committing to do something every day is difficult. I also said that I would write every day, hahaha. Technically, I have been. But, the previous two days' writing consisted of a total of four lines. Yup. I started writing both days and didn't get very far with either. Today, I will do better. Today, I have done better. Today is better. Tomorrow will be even better. I'm counting on it.

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