The Abundant Fountain

    It's incredible how different one day can be from the next. When I think back to yesterday, I must admit that it was quite a miserable experience. I was not happy most of the day. But today, even though not much has changed in this short span of time, I am incredibly happy. I am full of energy, I feel sharp, I have already accomplished a lot today, and I feel good about it. The sun is shining extremely bright today and I have to wonder how much that has to do with it. Spending time outside in the sun earlier today was amazing. It's amazing how the simple pleasures in life can fill me with such joy. The feeling of the sun hitting your skin is always incredible. I need more of that in my life. 

    Why don't humans have the ability to turn radiation from the sun into usable energy like plants? It seems like it would have been a beneficial thing to evolve into. Maybe the process is too slow? Maybe we're not meant to, for some reason. Like, if we evolved to photosynthesize, maybe we wouldn't have evolved in other beneficial ways. We would be green, right? If we had the capability to photosynthesize light into usable energy, we would have chlorophyll, which would mean that our skin would be green like plants. That's an interesting idea. Humans that can photosynthesize. Would it be a strictly addictive trait or would this be some sort of trade-off? If so, what would we lose?

    Would we lay around in the sun all day, eating the sun's energy, because it feels good? Would we begin to grow leaves, branches? Maybe this form of human, had it continued to evolve, would slowly turn into a tree as it got older. You would grow branches, leaves, your skin would turn into tree bark once you had a few leaves and branches already developed. Plant-humans would eventually decide to settle down and develop some roots. Hmmm, I wonder if we could coexist happily with our fellow plant-humans. They would probably be pretty upset at the current state of the world. A percentage of their population would probably turn to some form of environmental extremism. Man, this is a really interesting idea. Plant-humans. It's not a novel idea, I know. But, it leads to so many interesting places. I need to find some fantasy books that have taken up this premise. Oh man, what if similar to plant-humans, we have rock-people living deep underneath the earth's surface? The possibilities are endless. I am so grateful to be able to imagine, even if only just a little.

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