This is day 1 of my 100-day writing challenge. I have considered starting with day 0 but I do know me and I would have kept procrastinating. It has been 79 days since my last day at school. I did not do much over the summer vacation that is of any significance at all except moving to a new country. It has been 52 days since I arrived here. I thought I was going to start today but I did not. Due to some moving problems, I could not get a study permit in time. I thought it would be a 2-week thing from the day I landed but I guess it's not. I mostly blame our lawyer for being incompetent but what do I know? I do not even have a study permit right this moment, my new expectation is that it may be coming in a month perhaps. I may or may not study during the next winter semester. So in my headspace, I am taking a gap year. I do not like that I am taking a gap year but God wanted me to take one so I am taking one. So I will try to make the best of it anyway. I am starting to formalize a plan of sorts so I can come out of this year a better me. I am not ready to share all the details yet (but don't worry there are not many, so far it is just 3 lines). I don't know how long I'll usually make these journals but I will end it here. I do not know if I will share this with anyone. I only have one person in mind I think I would want to share it with but I promised myself to not share it unless I do at least a full 10 days of journaling.

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