A bank account!

Woke up very early at like 8 to go to a nearby clinic since we heard it can get pretty congested. I made a bagel and then we headed out. We went there and waited until 9:30 to be told the specific medical examination we needed could not be provided at that clinic. Unfortunately, it is what it is. We decided to head to the bank to set up bank accounts since it was closed. A nice lady called Marie assisted us through all the steps. She even made my student account go up to 2030! That means I wouldn't have to pay anything. It also happened to be her first day at her new job. For some reason, I think she looks really similar to Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul. Anyway, my debit card should arrive in the mail in a week. After the bank, we went to Metro and on the way out met a Lebanese lady we somewhat know. My mother invited her to our house and they chatted for a while. Finally, the last trip of the day was to the nearby elementary school where we wanted to register my little brother. They directed us to a website which we filled back at home. After coming home I played Dark Souls and made some nice progress. It is not a productive use of my time but I enjoy it.

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