Visiting the local highschool

Today was a normal morning. I took a shower and then went downstairs to make a bagel. (God I am falling in love with them). After some time I went to the library to print some final stuff. I did not go with the bicycle as I did not enjoy having to hold the bike one-handed for a long period of time. On my way back I saw a car parked at the high school that apparently had been pranked on. Some chocolate or something was dipped in the windows and the body of the car. It is probably a prank or one of those things that happens in movies where a couple breaks up and the girl in her anger does something like that. Anyway, on my way back, I saw a hijabi coming from a distance and I wanted to say salam but I ended up not. I am not exactly sure what my stance should be when meeting Muslims. When I returned home I discovered a paper I did not print. My mother sent it to my aunt and I went there to go collect it. I coincided with my cousin arriving at the house which was cool. I went back home and we went to the local high school where my brother would enroll. We went using Uber and the guy was from Eritrea. One of my childhood friends was from there. Anyway we arrived and it was by the time everyone was leaving so the hallways were really full. There were a lot of hijabis which is the only thing I can note lol. That school is massive. We went to the administration where we met the lady Fatima who is in charge of integrating students from different cultures. When we left the administration office I saw my other cousin too. My mother wanted to invite her to come home with us but she had plans. After leaving the school I went to the library to print something and we then returned back home. I spent the afternoon gaming and then made a double burger sandwich, which has almost 1,000 calories and 45 grams of protein! I really like that I am able to count these calories. I am sure it will help me gain weight in the long run. It is currently 2242 and I'll pray Ishaa and my night prayers and head to sleep.

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