Requesting a case worker

I woke up early as well so we could go to a place responsible for getting you in touch with immigrant services. We arrived there to discover that we had to apply first and we could have done that from home. Anyways we applied and they said that our house is expensive. I am not sure what will happen exactly to the house. I hope they let us live here as it is located in a great area and is the right size for us (maybe a bit too big). They told us to wait till Monday when a case worker would reach out to us. When my mother checked her email after we returned home we discovered that both my brothers are accepted into school now. They will start next Monday. That would leave me and my mother. The only things I am waiting for are the case worker and money they will send us, getting the driver's license followed by maybe getting a car, and finally getting a job and the debit card arriving soon. I hope Allah makes everything go over smoothly. Anyway, it is nighttime right now. I have watched Nightcrawler since then and played with the boys. Right now I want to play Dark souls, PC building sim, or rocket league. I am a bit tired so I may opt for rocket league because I don't have to sit up straight and I can use the controller.

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