A tour of the local highschool

Woke up at like 0900 and then went to Friday prayer. Since bagels ran out I just made a honey sandwich. Anyway on our way back home we we picked up Mother and we went to the local high school since we had an appointment with my brother's guidance counselor. He explained the schedule and stuff and then he showed us the school in a small tour. He was really cheery. He started with the auditorium which was being used by the robotics club. That was really cool as my school's robotics club was non-existent. He then showed us the Gym which is really cool because ours was still new at the time and we weren't allowed to use it. Anyway, he showed us some other stuff in the school. It is really big compared to my school. I kind of envy my brother for being able to go to it. What I struggled with internally after coming home was all those people chatting to their friends and not having a single person to talk to. But I don't think it is a big deal since I will just need a few friends and it will all be good. Being all alone is what I am struggling with the most. While my brothers will just meet friends through their school, I have no one. If I think of myself in a month, I only see myself going to the gym and working and then coming home. That is 0 social life. This is really painful. I could maybe think of ways to get friends but unfortunately, they only come naturally. I would have to be participating in an activity of sorts. I am not sure what or how yet but Allah will make it all alright.

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