For some reason, I do not feel the best today. It is something mentally and not physically. I woke up to the alarm. I made a honey sandwich, though I would have preferred a cheese bagel instead. I did not shower because I did not feel like it. As the day went on I spent more time playing games of course. Then my cousin came and picked us up to go to the mall to change some stuff about our SIM card. We ended up not doing anything but I discovered that there was a chance we would cancel my phone number, which is just a big hassle for me making me change all my numbers everywhere. This is just a big annoyance, to be honest, and I may lose a few accounts in the process. Also before leaving for that, I was talking to my father about how applications started and I am not sure what to apply as. Visitor or refugee, But I am probably going to end up choosing visitor. I am planning on praying tonight and being more sincere with my prayers. I will pray for Allah so I can become a protected refugee in 9 months and for righteous friendships. I am realizing that I am starting to pull my hair more often, I have a bad history of pulling my hair out of stress and I really hope not fall into that track again. I try to eat the 1000 calorie sandwich every night but tonight I am not feeling it.
Forgot to mention that I went to the nearby garage sale. We ended up getting a rake but I was really interested by the cases they had. Both included the motherboard and one of them even had a graphics card. Though that graphics card is probably weaker than my laptop's.

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