Duhigg Power of habit

This is a really, really interesting book.

The tools for finding your habits (or are they addictions?).

They all form a loop, that goes in a circle (imagine this, because I'm not doing a drawing):

Cue > Routine > Reward > back to cue

Step one: Identify the routine

What's the routine? In my case, it's using the Internet excessively, to the detriment of other things.

What's the reward for doing this? In my case, I think it is a way to take myself away from feeling empty and stressed.

When you've done that....

Step two: Experiment with rewards

Find four or five alternatives to this behaviour. In the first week, I tried:

Reading a book

Batch cooking

Cleaning the kitchen

After each activity, write down the first three words in your head. Then, set a timer for fifteen minutes, and see how you feel.

Do you still feel the urge to do your routine after fifteen minutes?

Step three: Isolate the cue

Almost all cues fit one of five habits. These are:

1. Location

2. Time

3. Emotional state

4. Other people present

5. Immediately preceeding action

Step four: Get a plan

If you plan for it, you can change it. You could call it "implementation intentions". 

If you keep following the plan, it will become a new habit.

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