Day 6

This is the first day I'm experiencing some difficulty. My stress levels are up and since I decided to do No Nut November as opposed to a simple no fap, I'm beginning to experience a challenge.

From time to time, I go through stints where I choose to not masturbate until I can find a girl to have sex with--the magic of Tinder--but this is different because I also can't have casual sex to tame the urge. This is made even worse because I know there are several girls I can call up right now and get laid. There have been times in the past where I didn't have the access to sex and involuntarily abstained, but this is of course different because I'm asserting my self control.

It's a bit worse than normal as well because I'm cooped up in the house waiting for my old roommate's bf so that I can give him some items he left behind. I would have probably left the confines of my room, going out to socialize at a bar. The combination of craft beer and the fairer sex would ease my stress. I have always found that going out into public and making an effort got rid of the sexual urges. Chimpanzees only masturbate in captivity.

Even if I was going out to flirt and make out with some random at the bar, there's a reward in that which tends to satisfy sexual stress. Best case, you make out, get a number, and maybe something worthwhile develops. Who knows.

Right now, I just want this dude to hurry the fuck up and arrive so that I can get along with my day. There's absolutely nothing worse than waiting for someone.

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