Community-Led Growth: How We Heal Our Worlds

Community-Led Growth: How We Heal Our Worlds By Tapping Into The Space With/In


Act I: Community Needs Power Shift From Power Over To Power With/In
Act II: Community Needs Self-Management
Act III: Inviting In Community-Led Futures


1The way we organize as humans to acomplish things is in dire need of an update because the way we produce things as socieities, nations and coalitions is in many ways broken and we are failing to adapt to a changing planet.
New forms of leadership along a developmental continuum for generating wisdom will enables us to shift personal, group and system power dynamics. The ability to generate power-with and power-within will usher in an era of Communitiy Leadership that when harnessed by a collective leads to Community-Led Production and Community Wealth.

ACT I: Community Needs A Power Shift from Power Over to Power With/In


  • Rude awakenings on the horizon for those keeping the illusions that power does not belong to the people.
  • Social shifts from capitalism to communtarinism are likely due to growing inequality regardless of levels of social mobility. This will lead to increased tensions between classes and violence between those who hold power and those who hold less power as the gap widens and are exacerbated by natural events, disease, climate degredation and increased demands for fairness and justice.
  • We are entering a world of increasing uncertainty and complexity and the systems and structures that are degrading and will not be able to withstand the environmental shifts causing shifts in narratives for societal, governmental, economic shifts.
  • Those in power will do what it takes to remain in power therefore we need to redefine power, governance and ownership and detail how people can mobilize for their livelihood through self-organization

Key nuggets

Red vs Purple Worlds

Red World, order is achieved by:

  • Machine-like Percision
  • Exerting Control
  • Separation of Humanity Into Races
  • Elevating Eliteness and Superiority throuhg Meritocracies
  • Power over & Power under Pattern
  • Privatization And Ownership
  • Maximizing Shareholder Value / Shareholder Management

Examples of Red World

  • Wall Street
  • Top Down Management / Hierachies
  • Layoffs
  • Boards of Directors

In a Purple World, order is achieved by:

  • Living Systems
  • Emergence
  • Integrated Wholeness and Balance
  • Power-with and Power-within
  • Community Ownership
  • Employee Ownership
  • Stakeholder-Management

No one is saying to to make these world mutually exclusive but rather to acknwoldege the alternatives that lie besides us at all times.

Social Technologies that open us the to the purple worlds:

  • uLab
  • Art of Hosting
  • Sociocracy
  • NVC
  • Deep Democracy
  • Imago
  • Warm Data

Image of Purple:

- insert image of constelllations of social technologies

In order to create a future where everyone can belong requires everyone to learn how to create solidarity and self-management and thereforce self-perpuating systems and patterns that enable accesibilty, equitabilty and accountability of self

Decentralize Everything / Centralize Human Needs

Why a self-managed component requires redenfining equity and accessbility

Work has been sharply propelled into digital spheres at increasing rates - rewriting how we organize the material worlds of which we occupy. This need to move things purely digital has been furthered matured by the human response to COVID that have promoted upheavals in the "natural order of things" or status quo in the realms of technology advancement and planetary and social justice movements and the continued dialogue around navigating work, livelihood and private ownership.

Enable the JEDI mindset (justice, equality, diversity and inclusion)
This movement is also causing frictions of tensions not addressed previously in other points in history such as patriarchy, supremacy and

Massive upskilling and digital talent growth all over the world with initiatives like [Girls Who Code, ... , ... ] with goals of getting onto some kind of technical field which maybe at the original intention of getting more women into STEM jobs was a good start but as many people find out the working world isn't the same as the educational world, a lot of the systemic injustices and biases are embedded in the codes of many organizations and are often invisible until injury occurs. So instead of solely focusing on education and placement, I would also emphasis that work is not what it seems. From the different vantage points work takes on new meaning -- think of the shareholders, capitalist/owner, board members, employer, worker or intern not to mention we haven't even gotten to gender and we already have a reductionist mindset about organizational theory. Therefore the meaning of work and modes of work take on different contexts depending on role and status and further dividing the total workforce by disincentivizing collaboration outside of a core group, by creating and develop value schemes that benefit the pyramids of ownership and power and by ensuring the core story of a country such as America has a deeply focused culture on working in order to live that is mainly meritocracy with tendencies of from incentivizing connection and creating abundance-first systems and solutions that serve large society and . What is needed now is a new narrative about work. how society approaches work and livelihood..

  • "future of work vs. present of work"

Universal Basic Acess Not Universal Basic Incom

  • cooperative ownership
  • community wealth

ACT II: Why Community Needs Self-Management

Human Security, Elders/Gurus/Guides/Teachers and Sharing Community Wealth

Act III: Inviting In Community-Led Futures


Community Wealth Examples

* Exit To Community (E2C)

* Community Development

* Corperations And Cooperatives

So How Do I Build A Community Organization?

Start Where You Are

Find Your Tribe

Fixing A Social Frame (Transformative Social Systems)

Guideposts To A Purple Future

Developing Community Owned Production


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