Separation Myth

What if dematerialization was a gift?
One that could keep on giving

What if separation was dissolved between us?
What if that could help us keep on living?

From ash to ash, from dust to dust,
Prevail onwards we must.

Communities shift shape as do all bodies trapped in time.
Conscious purpose when entangled and intermingled becomes unwind.

Without place or space to hold, infinity becomes the mold.

Where then does abundance flow?
All around us, through and fro or as the Buddhist say “as above, so below”.

A mind “bon+aparte” or of good portion,
would seem to hold that when connected we become whole.

I ask what happens to capitalism if the separation between bank accounts and ownership were to suddenly collapse? Would fear consume and we scurry about like rats?
Or is there deeper mold, maybe the abstractions thus created were too bold.

I ask what happens to borders and nations if there were not separation?
Would maps be useful for cultural and defensive appropriations?
Or would there be recognition that the only landlock of separation can be by the sea?

I ask what happens to humanity, if caste, race and creed were rendered abominations?
Would people lose a sense of purpose?
Or would you see yourself in me?

I ask what I should not because it is beyond comprehend.
Broken sentences like the straw grasping an ocean.
It can only be experience from within.

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