The Day after Election Day

First, a huge thanks to everyone. This was by far the best election in recent times for enthusiasm amongst Republican voters and volunteers.

Second, a huge thanks to our local candidates. You folks are the reason our volunteers are enthusiastic, and collectively we can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into conservative, constitutional government.

Results. As you probably know, there are a lot of fights yet to come before many elections are decided. Most of the votes are in, but in North Carolina any ballot postmarked by election day can be counted as long as it arrives by Nov 14. My opinion? That’s rife for shenanigans. I hope it gets challenged and the ruling overturned, but we cannot bank on that. So, many of these races could be subject to change.,

9AM Wednesday best guesses

My scoreboard of races and results as of 9AM is here. I don’t have the final Election Day tallies of voters, so I’ll post that later to the same website.

Across the board, Chatham County went straight Democrat so I won’t list those races (State Senate, State House, Commissioners, Board of Elections) out in this email. The results are here.

It appears the North Carolina House (51R / 38D) and Senate (27R / 22D) will remain in Republican control, although with less majorities.

Here is my short summary of results as they stand as of 09:00 Wednesday morning. THESE ARE NOT FINAL in most cases. My guess is the news organizations are reluctant to show how far off they were in pre-election coverage and want to stretch this out as long as possible looking for more Democrat votes.

  • President: who knows? Keep praying.
  • Senate: it looks like Tillis (R) won re-election (and it looks like the Senate will remain Republican controlled)
  • US House 4; Price (D) (Democrats will remain in control of the US House)
  • US House 13: Budd (R)
  • Governor: Cooper (D)
  • Lt Governor: Robinson (R)
  • Attorney General: Stein (D)
  • Auditor: Wood (D)
  • Comm of Agriculture: Troxler (R)
  • Comm of Insurance: Causey (R)
  • Comm of Labor: Dobson (R)
  • Sec of State: Marshall (D)
  • Supt of Public Instruction: Truitt (R)
  • Treasurer: Folwell (R)
  • Supreme Court chief justice: Newby (R) (very close race at this point)
  • Supreme Court 2: Berger (R)
  • Supreme Court 4: Barringer (R)
  • Court of Appeals 4: Wood (R)
  • Court of Appeals 5: Gore (R)
  • Court of Appeals 6: Dillon (R)
  • Court of Appeals 7: Carpenter (R)
  • Court of Appeals 13: Griffin (R)

Election Day is Tuesday

Go Vote.

Our founding fathers gave their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for your ability to vote. Our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends fought and died to continue that right. You need to exercise that right tomorrow, or you dishonor their sacrifices.

Much of Chatham County has already voted.

  • Chatham County: 81%
    • Democrats: 82% (16,983)
    • Unaffiliated: 75% (16,202)
    • Republicans: 73% (10,112)

That is an incredibly good turnout so far for Republicans before election day. Now we need to make it as close to 100% as possible on election day. We need every vote to maintain a nation that our founders would recognize as their Republic.

That fact one has or has not voted is a matter of public record. I have pulled out the list of Chatham County Republican voter registrations. Check to see whether you have been listed as voted or not at this link. Encourage those who have not yet voted to make their plans for tomorrow.

On election day you must vote at your precinct.


Go here for a list of the precinct poll locations.

Our President

Here is a video that will make you proud of your support for our President, and may bring a tear to your eye.

Thanks to the volunteers

This has been the most incredible election for volunteer support. From staffing the headquarters to staffing the tents, to setup and teardown each day, to website and database information, letters to the editor, graphics, talking to voters, putting out signs, supporting our candidates, wonderful donation support and much more - our volunteers have been tremendous, and we all owe them a big thanks.

Finally, from a founding father

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
― Samuel Adams

Exhaurire palude

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