Five Days after Election Day 2020

Election Results

Five days after election day we still await results from many states. The longer counting takes, the more chance for illegitimate votes and outcomes that do not reflect the voter's will.

North Carolina Board of Elections will not update individual voter records until after each County Board of Elections certifies the remaining absentee ballots. In Chatham County, that will be on November 12 at 4:00 PM. My concern is that information about day of election votes (accepted or not) will not be known until it is too late for the voter to challenge any problems. Nothing can go wrong there, can it?

Upcoming Activities


We must be out of our wonderful Pittsboro headquarters by the end of November. We hope to find another location but renting is expensive (about $1,500 per month). Will you support a headquarters? If you are willing to pledge money towards a headquarters, please let me know at If you know of a good location, let me know. Your executive team thinks a visible presence is important to continue gaining strength in Chatham County. Without sufficient funds we will have to resort to a storage locker until the next election.

Next Election Cycle

In two short years we will hold elections again, for several key positions. There will be three county commissioner positions, three board of education positions, several judicial elections, North Carolina senate and house representatives, our US House of Representatives office, and one US Senate office.

2021 Conventions

Every two years Republicans in North Carolina elect leadership teams. Here is how that process works.

  • To vote for Republican leadership, you have to be a registered Republican by January 31, 2021.
  • Chatham County will hold our Republican convention sometime in March 2021. We will elect officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) as well as the executive committee and delegates to the District and State conventions. You must attend the County convention to be a delegate to District and State.
  • Likewise, the District and State Conventions will elect officers. Particularly important is the election of the State Party Chair and Vice Chair at the state convention.

Get Involved

Would you like to be a County Republican Party officer? Want to be on the Executive Committee? Are you interested in becoming involved as a candidate? How about being an election worker? Just want to help out? Want to learn more about the process before making a commitment? We are all volunteers and we need your support. Please contact me at

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