Climbing: Corporate Ladder and Top Rope | Tu 11/15

I woke up and made it to the KT meeting on time, but I took a while to get ready to go into the office afterwards. Thankfully Sam came in around 11 AM, so there was no pressure on me. The team had a meeting wherein I was given a ticket to create a JSON data validation program standalone to the rest of our projects, which I guess is the first real work I'll get to do. I asked some of the others how to pace the project along with the rest of my learning and they responded that I should pace myself and spread the topics out rather than work on one thing at a time, which I guess means I'll be staying busy for a while. Thankfully it doesn't seem like I need to work outside of normal hours.

During lunch Yumei and Gonzalo were talking about how Jamie Dimon was visiting Dallas for the day and that Yumei wanted to go to the talk he was holding. It's funny how the people who didn't want to go were too busy making the man money, while the people who wanted to go did so to not work. I didn't get the invitation or reserve a spot, but I was interested in the Christmas light viewing tomorrow, which I guess I'll do instead of leaving for home early since it sounds like fun. Hopefully they don't keep me from going in without an invitation, which even said not to forward it.

I managed to slip out around 3:15 PM since Sam was in a meeting, but even that was kind of late and traffic already picked up somewhat. Maybe I really should book it at, or even before, 3 PM. Even though I didn't plan on it, the badminton group had some folks going to rock climbing tonight and I didn't have any plans, so I joined. Even though I was late, the group seems to run on Asian time, so I didn't feel much pressure. The training, climbing, and belaying were all fun, but I was surprisingly scared of the heights when looking down. I see the appeal of climbing, and the group was fun to mess around with, but a membership is pricey so I'm not sure I'd do it regularly. Looking back on it even though money is a factor, I think the biggest reason it doesn't have the same pull as volleyball is the people. The badminton group is definitely older than the volleyball group, so the vibe is less crazy and exciting (even though they seem down to drink a lot).

Afterwards we went to In-n-Out Burger and got to chat about sports. They shared about some drama between themselves and another group who plays at the same Irving gym, which was sad to hear about since they can't even enjoy the game fully. One guy Frank was also apparently a national ultimate frisbee champion, which was unbelievable to hear. A few of them also expressed interest in coming to volleyball, which got me pretty excited. Randy especially likes my idea to go to volleyball then badminton afterwards, so we'll see how that goes.

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