Friday 30/Oct/2020... listed and logged

Friday morning:

The sleep from which I woke this Friday was only about half there. Following a 1st sleep segment of about 4 hours I spent the next 3 1/2 hours very lightly dozing - not quite asleep, not really awake.

Morning health metrics are mixed. Body weight is too darned high, but the blood pressure reading is very good.  And the financial numbers all check out okay.

Friday evening:

Easing into my Friday night with no worries. The only chore I couldn't get to today will have to be put off until next week, but that's fine. Tuesday will be a good day to take care of it.

Listening to my 1st of two college football games on the radio at the moment. My 2nd radio game will take me nearly to midnight if I can stay awake that long. And that's a fine way to end a Friday in the Roscoe-verse.

Prayers, etc.:

  • 07:00 - Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
  • 07:30 - The Apostles Creed
  • 10:30 - Eph 6:10-17
  • 16:30 - Friday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum 
  • 19:40 - 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be
  • 20:20 - 5 Decades of the Rosary, The Sorrowful Mysteries
  • 20:45 - Day 9 of  the KofC Novena Before the Beatification of Michael McGivney, meditations and prayers


  • 07:45 - apple chunks, 2 pieces of pizza 
  • 12:30 - meatloaf 
  • 16:30 -  coleslaw
  • 19:30 - snacking on cheese

Chores, etc.:

  • 08:00 - following trusted news sources 
  • 10:00 - update budget book and paper planner
  • 12:30 - watch new eps of Star Trek Discovery 
  • 16:45 - turn on Newsmax TV
  • 18:30 - Wheel of Fortune
  • 19:00 - tuned into SiriusXM to catch the radio call of tonight's Minnesota / Maryland college football game. My 2nd game of the night will have Hawaii @ Wyoming and will keep me company until nearly midnight.


  • 15:20 - started working on my CC games 
  • 16:25 - finished working on my chess games

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