Something Like A Storm Chapter 5

Why was he so angry? This is dumb.
I went to my next lesson with Feira. It seems a bit more interesting this time. We recapped one of my favourite topics in astrology - black holes. I loved the mystery surrounding them, especially how we had no idea what the singularity was or how they lead to the idea that the whole world was a hologram. Feira was less intrigued as she preferred biology.
This school was deliberately putting easier topics just so we wouldn't feel dumb. That is really frustrating. It was bad enough they had left us to our own devices when we first arrived but dumbing everything down as well. This was ridiculous.

"Open your books to page 54 and complete the questions. If you have any questions, ask your partner then read your notes then if you are still stuck ask me."

"Hey, are you ok? I saw that guy from last week walked off in a storm when you were putting your money."
"Yeah, I'm fine. That was nothing. He wanted his table back even though there is clearly enough space for both of our groups to sit there. He made a big deal out of nothing. "

"Oh ok. Be careful"

I focused on calculating the escape velocity. My breath uneven from the stress of our encounter.

"Time for a quiz. Close your books."

The answer seemed to flow out of my brain and onto the page.

"That is time. Finish the questions on page 54 whilst I mark these"

"So how did you find the test?"

"It was alright. It was just a basic repeat of what we did at school last autumn"

"Same. I found it quite easy. I think they are trying to make sure that everyone is on the same level."

"Well done class. The class average was 92%. We will be moving onto special relativity and then we will start on mechanics. Class dismissed"


The canteen was still empty. Kamen was there waiting for us in the same area as last week.
"Hey, how was your class?"

"It was ok. Gym was the same and English was boring. We are about to finish Romeo and Juliet."

"We just finish black holes finally."

"Cool. I don't think some of the guys are sitting with us today. It seems as if they have managed to integrate themselves into the new system."

"It was only a matter of time."

Walking towards us, Christian and his friends sat on the empty half of the table.

"It seems that they have learnt how to share" Kamen laughed.

A forced smile emerged out of me. I still couldn't relax though, not when they practically hate me.

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