Daily Entry 11 - Day #3

This has been a long week and an even longer day. There have been multiple people from my past that I have seen. All but one said hi to me. I have let bygones be bygones . I am letting go of trying to hold on. I have accepted that I have changed and time has moved on and created distance. I think at times, enough is enough. I have extended my hand and found nothing. I will not extend again.

On better news, I have started the gym. I have found a weekly routine of mobility Mondays, full body workout Wednesday, (potential rock climbing on Fridays) and roller skating on the weekend to be a great balance. The one thing, I am disliking right now is the huge increase in hunger. I may need to do bigger sized meals or eat more frequently. It is hurting my wallet and I am trying to think of ways of not spending money.

I have also started using cashback a lot. I try to get at least a minimum of 2% on everything. I also try to stack cashbacks. I have spent a lot of money this month. Christmas is coming up and gift needs to be bought.

I am also thinking about starting a fitness instagram but anonymously. I wouldn't like to show my identity cause fraud is a real thing. I also wouldn't want to show my body as a main feature. I know posing is super important but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that so it is a no.

My studies are going 50-50 right now. I am both behind and ahead but I really do need to start writing soon. I have around 10 thousand words to write all together for my different subjects. That is 333 words per day. We will start tomorrow.

My IG account is @sapphire.fit

-- Sapphire

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