Daily Entry 12 - Day #4

Red String (cut short) / Red String

I didn't need you to stay but God how I wanted you to stay.
This is all the things I will or maybe never get to say to you.
Thank you for coming into my life.
Thank you for burrowing your way into my everyday.
You have taught me so much, I don't think you know
You taught me to let people in, to enjoy life vulnerable and freely
Because of you, I can try.
Try to breathe and live life on the light and fun side.
I had hoped our time would have been longer but at least the fate had another plan.
I hope life brings you peace and ease for I know part of your heart is darkened and harshened.
You have the fundamentals for a good life all that is left is you to accept it.
Things will be hard and you will regret maybe or know it all along it was right.
I will truly cherish our time knowing that because of you, I can breath.
Life become prettier and more sparkler and now the mission that you started must be finished.
I must finish it alone.
This isn't a goodbye for I will annoy you for the rest of my life.
This is a "bye for now, cause I won't see you in person but you know you can always reach out but I won't cause I am scared lool"
This is a "you know I will always cheer you on ending"
And I just hope.
I truly hope you know this.
Thank you for showing me, me.

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