Daily Entry 13 - Day #4

Today I had a really interesting talk with someone I know. We have been talking about multiple things about life and it has been really good. Today we talked about people and dating and attractiveness. Whilst they said some crazy things such as age being a factor in beauty and older women are "ugly", we had a really good chat about media and how some of the love stories are absolutely twisted into making women/girls accept really toxic things. And then by extension, how it plays into real life situations.
It also made me realise at times how I am still accepting those toxic traits and how I still have to work so hard into unlearning that stuff and seeing the problems with it.
KennieJD on YouTube is a great place to see all the toxic traits on typical media that women are "brainwashed" into thinking is normal. She also just had some great funny videos.
I do think environment has a huge impact on how you see relationships and how you take part in them.
I realised that people's upbringings really affect them and how they see other genders.

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