Living a Life of Small Adventures

Not too long ago I published my book,Idealist Dreams: How I Learned to Plan as an INFP. In response to my book, I received a fascinating comment. Someone noticed that in my writings, I brought up the concept of "small adventures." They mentioned that they found this idea inspiring and wanted to know more about it.

Sometimes when someone points out something to me, the little light bulb goes off in my head, and I'm like ah-ha. Other times when someone points out something to me, it's like someone flicked a switch in my head and the light bulb, overwhelmed with energy, explodes.

This was a light bulb exploding moment. My brain was like, "WHOA!"

The idea of small adventures has been a deep part of my everyday life since childhood. However, I didn't notice that this concept could be meaningful until someone brought it to my attention.

It will take a lot of writing to express what it means to live a life of small adventures in detail, but below are the basics.

By the way, living a life of small adventures is not tied to location. It can be experienced while being out and about or while sitting on the couch. It's mainly about mindset.

Spirit of Curiosity

Having the spirit of curiosity involves being aware of what catches your interest, no matter how small. Then it involves asking "Why? Who? What? When? Where? How?"

Think of scientists who study natural phenomena. Why do rainbows occur? Why do stars twinkle? Why do I love this brand of coffee so much?

Using my tea addiction as an example, if I come across a blend of tea that I like, I often ask myself, "What is it made of? What process could have gone into making this blend?"

Spirit of Discovery & Inspiration

Curiosity is the act of being intensely interested. Discovery and inspiration involves taking action based on that interest.

Dig until you find answers that are personally meaningful and satisfying.

Continuing with the tea example, this could involve me looking up how to make a DIY tea blend, being inspired by my curiosity.

Spirit of Experimentation

This involves taking the answers found and putting them to work in the real world. Just try it!

Sometimes potential answers come from an external source. Sometimes they come from an inner hunch. Regardless, just try applying what you discovered. Does it work? Does it not work?

This is where I would try that DIY tea blend I found online or test out making my own.


In a life of small adventures, intuition is like a sign pointing to where to dig and which caves to explore. The hunches can tell you where the most interesting stuff might be found. Intuition can show itself as an unexpected pull or attraction towards an object or idea. Often whatever you are attracted to comes to mind over and over again. Follow that hunch.

Finding Uniqueness in the Everyday

The reason why I used tea as an example is because it's a small, everyday thing that I find interesting.

What small details in your daily life do you find interesting? Is it the clothes you wear? What you eat? What you read?

I enjoy looking for obscure places in the area I live or on the Internet. And not just any random obscure place--obscure places that I find interesting.

Adventure is all about the act of discovery and experimenting with the unknown.

Small Adventures are about everyday acts of discovery.

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