Unnoticed Perfectionism


Okay, I admit. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

I just can't pass on any piece of work I don't consider perfectly finished. Of course, that definition varies, and sometimes that means just completing the job, but other it means re-working everything at the last minute.

It's hard for me to notice my perfectionism when I'm deep into work. It's unnoticeable. Only when I give myself the time and space to look from above and get an overarching view of my current situation, can I fully notice the flaws of my day-to-day perfectionism.

What flaws you may ask?

Well, there is actually just one main flaw; unsustainability. Actually, only one thing is unsustainable in the world of perfectionists; their own wellbeing.

It may be hard to admit this, but yes, I sacrifice my own wellbeing for the sake of perfectly finished work. Often not even knowing what that exactly means.

It's late right now. 11pm to be exact. My perfectionistic brain tells me to spend more time perfecting this blog post.

I think I'll choose sleep though.

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