Through Their Eyes


Today I've listened to an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast called Close Enough: Living Through Others. It's a story about how we often like to experience a different reality through the documentation of somebody else's life via digital media.

We all have at least that one online creator who's live was so appealing to us that we started to imagine being them. Maybe that is just pure escapism? Running away from the imperfections of our everyday lives?

Maybe it's something more? Trying to prove ourselves that a "good" life is actually possible? If someone's morning routine shown in a YouTube video is so perfect, why can't we be like them?

I know how deep can someone go into this rabbit hole of living through somebody else's eyes. I've been there, it's not nice. It's like you're trying to prove yourself by not actually changing anything about you, just imagining how could it be.

It's toxic, unfulfilling, misleading. But I deeply understand, and sympathize with people living like this. Yes, I try to help get them out of that rabbit hole, but at the same time be understanding.

Just trying for a moment to see through their eyes what they're going through.

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