A Month Without People


Exactly 30 days ago I stopped seeing people.

My work can be done 98% remotely, and I'm not the one responsible for doing shopping in my family, so I hadn't had to leave the house ever since.

Of course, it's tough. I miss seeing my friends, or even just random people on the street. My life has been put on hold, and the only thing I can to do stop it is just staying at home. How lovely.

I have to say I'm incredibly grateful for the fact that I live in a pretty spacious home with a loving family. For the fact that I can go on a walk without feeling guilty, because there aren't many other houses near me, and so I won't get infected or infect someone. That is definitely something that not everybody has, so I have to consider this as a thing that helped me keep a positive mood.

Because I'm doing very alright. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised by that. I thought I wouldn't be able to keep stuff together for this long. But hey, here I am, doing completely fine.

There are two things that I find directly influencing my positive attitude; keeping a solid daily routine and offloading my thoughts whenever possible.

Building a concrete routine takes time, and it's something that probably requires more time than just one month. I'm lucky that I've already had a WFH routine before quarantine, because that allowed me to instantanously switch. There are days when I don't do it, forget about it or just ignore it. And those days are almost always worse. It's harder for me to stay on task, have a clear mind, talk to my people and resist just popping into bed and watching Netflix. A routine, a rhythm can make even the toughest days better, fuller.

Every single day I write at least two pieces based on my thoughts from the day; this blog and my private journal. They've helped me deal with any anxiety that appeared, understand my thoughts, and just keep a clear mind. Every day before going to bed, I reflect on the things that happened, how I felt, what could be done better. Also, through this blog, I have an opportunity to synthesize and share a particular thought from each day. Sometimes these posts are messy, ugly, unorganized. Just like my thoughts. I don't care about that, I just want to write.

I have no idea how much longer will all of this take. Another full month for sure, probably two at least. I'll keep on journaling, and having a daily routine. Also, I'll try to help others whenever possible.

Because is always beatiful, no matter how bad are things right now.

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