The Basic Connection


How do you stay in touch with other when you can't see anyone? Is it possible to satisfy your socializing needs without actually being with others?

Probably not, for most people at least. We all miss those simple physical acts such as shaking hands, hugging, a good pat on the back. They are what makes human connections human. The ability to see someone in full; their entire body, their face. It's key to how we interact with each other. Damn, I remember reading somewhere that verbal communication makes up only 30% of what we're trying to get across.

Yet, tough times have prevailed, and video conferencing is the best we can do. Of course, it's much, much better than what we've had a hundred years ago during the Influenza pandemic. Still, that medium provides just the basics. Many fine details get lost. Digital communication lacks the depth of real interaction.

We all miss seeing people. But hell, we should all be very grateful for the ability to establish at least the basic connection. And come out from this stronger than before.

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