No Hard Feelings


Yesterday was a pretty intense day for me. Maybe not by the amount of work I had, but by emotional load. No, no one died, nothing tragic happened. Simply, a project I'm leading drained me emotionally.

It's a project I've been wanting to do for a very long time, asked my supervisors for permission many times, but never got the resources required to complete it. It's a project that's pretty crucial to the core existence of my organization, how nice.

Those two factors make me want to have the project completed as quickly and as professionaly possible. We've setup a concrete time framework, delagated tasks among a small, but agile team, and made sure to keep the whole organization in the loop while we go through it.

Unfortunately, I've allowed myself to worry about it yesterday. See, there's absolutely nothing wrong in engaging your mind deeply in something. That's simply called commitment and it's a basic value of work. But, there are many reasons not to go to Worryland, where you start deeply engaging your emotions. Where you start theorizing about every single possible outcome, about everyone's feelings etc. Of course, without any structure whatsoever.

Maybe that's because yesterday was the first day of work for me after a 6-day Easter break. Maybe I just wanted everything to be perfect right after a pretty long hiatus.

Either way, the lesson is simple, basic, but still easy to forget No Hard Feelings, man.

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