Tiny Mistake


Every once in a while we all make mistakes. It's just part of being human, no one is and no one will be perfectly correct every single time.

I consider that beautiful. There's a beauty in being wrong. Of course, I'm not talking about being wrong while having all the facts - like denying science (hey, flat-earthers!). I'm talking about the process of learning; we just don't know everything needed to make the right decision all the time. Sometimes we might, but more often then not we don't.

For me, every mistake of that second type is unimportant. It's tiny. I won't ever blame myself or anyone else for making such a mistake. Especially when they were both under external pressure and didn't have all the facts.

I woke up almost 3 hours ago. Since then, I made two mistakes; one very insignificant, other pretty important. Yet, I'm still putting them in the same category of tiny mistakes. I apologized, corrected eveyrthing and created a safeguard, so that it won't happen again.

Don't beat yourself for being human.

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