The Art of Sustainability


During these past few years, I realized that the hardest thing about living well is sustainability.

This particular term is most often used in buisness context. A sustainable buisness is one that does not fail, neither financially, nor culturally.

A sustainable life on the other hand? What does that mean?

A life that does not leave corpses on the side on the road. Of course, I mean that methaporically. An unsustainable life can, and quite often does leave actual corpses. But usually they come in the form of strained relationships, failed ideas, depressive thoughts, or hostility towards the new.

Sustainability in life means, for me;

  • being always good to others and myself
  • staying true to my core values, even under great pressure
  • not avoiding failure, but embracing it, and learning from it
  • knowing when to stop, when to say no even to the most enticing opportunity out there

It's not that I want to avoid total failure. That I'm afraid of being a loser or something like that. With a sustainable mindset, there is no loser me or winner me, there is just me. I just don't want to damage anything, or anyone, with my erratic behavior.

I don't want to be like WeWork, basically.

It's easy to climb the ladder, stop, and say; look how high I am! waving at the others on the ground. It is much harder to just come down and be with them.

Rapid change always has a cost. Like a mythical spell, it can make you strong, beatiful, and brave, but it will always consume something else.

You Cant Pour From An Empty Cup

A sustainable life is a calm life. A beatiful, maybe a bit repetitive life.

That's the life I want. Of course, I want to explore, experiment, adapt, and fail. But always, in the end, I will take a moment, and reflect: should I be doing this?.

I wanna do that till I'm too old to think.

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