Looking For Questions


Normally, we look for answers in life. We throw sometimes everything away just to go on a search for answers. It's almost omnipresent in our culture for one to go on a "search for meaning" through seeking answers.

What if we looked for the questions instead?

See, questions have one key advantage over answers; 99% of the time they can be formulated. Answers on the other hand? Probably 50% of the time.

We just don't have the answers to everything, and we never will. But questions? Man, there are and will be plenty.

For me, asking better questions is the key skill I can work on in life. If I want to be better, live more thoughtfully, I have to ask better questions.

Now is a great time to ask questions. We have weeks worth of time we can spend on perfecting our questions and deciding where to head next. After all, the world is not going to be the same.

When we reflect, we get the chance to choose the best possible future for ourselves. But only when each and every one of us does so, and later we listen to each other and collaborate mindfully.

Here's to a better, question-seeking world 🙌

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