Paramount Suffering


Some things just hurt. No matter how tough, how unmovable you might consider yourself to be, things will hurt you. Sometimes, we may feel like everything hurts. That's when we suffer.

Suffering is an awful state. No matter if inflicted by other people, or by things out of our control, it always sucks. It compresses our whole being to a mere projection of who we truly are.

I'll be honest: I kinda live under a rock. I hardly ever read the news, use social media sparingly; I just prefer to keep a distance. Only today have I finally watched the video from George Floyd's murder (because that's how it should be called). And I'm not even American, or have ever lived there. But it shook me to my core. I can't comprehend in my mind how could someone treat another person like this. And I know that this is only one example of hundreds of thousands of these pain-inflicting moments that happen every year.

I dearly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this time it'll inflict change, too.

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