I Don't Want To Be Famous


I don't, truly.

I started to get more and more into the "content creation" world sometime around a year ago. I started making podcasts, writing blog posts, organizing events etc. And I started to surround myself with people that do the same. Don't get me wrong: most of them are truly amazing people, but I think I can't 100% get along them.

I remember being asked by one person some time ago: why don't you put your face on your productivity website and start building your personal brand? What you're doing here is counter-intuitive!. See, on Produktywny Uczeń, my biggest project to date, there is very little about me as a person. I know that page is in Polish, but still, you can take a look and see for yourself: after a brief intro into the content, there is a considerably small "subscribe" button (the most aggressive tactic on the entire website), and below that there is the content itself. Which, itself, is completely free and ad-free. The only information you'll find about me is about is a small link to my website.

The website itself also doesn't provide that much info about me. I believe that what's there is exactly the right amount of my personal stuff that should be available online. If someone is interested, or was referred by a friend, they can simply email me and I'll happily reply.

I see many, many bright & talented people jumping into the personality ethic wormhole. Starting to care more about the things we own, the things we do (work), but not about our character, our positive traits etc. We forgot what it means to be a good person.

I also rarely see myself falling into that trap of judging people by what tools they have, where they work, what they did, where they live, and many more. It's a horrible, rotten way of looking at life. Yet it's the default for an increasing number of people.

Fame and misfortune.

Doesn't sound interesting to me.

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