The Middle Ground


It's a weird place. The in-between. A place where worlds meet. No man's land.

I like to visit The Middle Ground. Sometimes, I actually think I could live there. Someday, maybe. Not yet. I'm not ready.

This place is just... magic. It borders two completely different worlds, worlds full of opinions, arguments, rationalizations. They're not wrong, they're just a bubbly hot mess. That's how we grow, I know. It's a messy process by design.

The Middle Ground is like the eye of a hurricane. It's incredibly peaceful, calm. There's no hot mess here. It's the place where you get perspective. Where you see both sides, both worlds. You can synthesize and breathe in the world as it is, the whole thing. Not just a fragment, a view of it. While everybody else is hidden in the trenches, not being able to see the miraculous landscape, you can.

Just don't get caught in the crossfire.

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