I wouldn't say I'm a melancholic person. It just doesn't sound right at first glance. Romantically reminiscing about the past? Nah, not me. The past is the past. It happened, nothing can be done about it. I'm the move-right-onto-the-next-step guy. Right?

That was me for a long time. Maybe still is, to some extent. Yet, during this year I finally started to appreciate how powerful getting drunk in your memories can be.

It allows you to come to terms with what happened. Mind you, what happened didn't just happen. It shaped you. Every event, every single one, especially the boring or humiliating ones, shaped you.

We like to run from the past. Escape it's shortcomings. But that's like denying reality. Which is simply going mad.

To not go mad, you must appreciate, accept, romanticize all past things. Get melancholic about the past year. About that stupid failed relationship you spent so much time trying to fix. About that time when you almost killed your friend.

Get drunk, submerge, grow.

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