People We Seek


We all seek someone in our lives. Romantically, business-wise, educationally. We look for partners, mentors, students, trustees, apprentices. Everybody is looking for someone.

It's fascinating for me to see who we're seeking. Especially when you compare that with who we're being sought by.

I know some people want me. As a friend. A partner. A mentor. A student. A helper. I roughly know what traits of mine they want. Sometimes they tell me, sometimes it's easy to decipher. Surprisingly, almost always they are the same ones. Interesting. People see good in similar ways. Or, at least, what they assume is good.

I seek people, too. Mentors, people to learn from. Partners, friends, people to live with. And I seek particular traits in them, just like everyone. I have my preferences.

In some sense, there's a weird mismatch between the two. Going into details would take hundreds of words, but, in short summary: people seek completely different things in me than what I seek in them.

After a long deliberation, I slowly started to get it. I seek what I don't have in other people. People seek what they don't have in me. We complete each other, as our society was designed to be. It's normal, it's appreciative. Of our differences.

Give to be given.

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