Depth Over Distance


Continuing on yesterday's topic of seeking certain people. I thought it'd be worthwhile to talk about how we seek them.

The normal approach is to get closer. To know them better. To get into their social circle. To find similar hobbies, things you both enjoy. It's distance. We say: "oh, they got so close". Or: "they drifted apart". All about distance. How close, how similar.

Distance doesn't signify connection. It signifies similarity, matching up, fitting in.

To truly build connections, we should be seeking depth.

Depth is based on values, not characteristics. It goes far beyond the surface. It operates on acceptance, not appeasement. To go deeper is far harder than to go closer. You have to dig down, not just walk over.

You just feel it when you meet two people with a deep connection between them. They almost work in unison. They dance, never stepping on each other's feet; they know the next step.

To dance, dig.
To walk, walk.

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