Over The Hill


Once you stand in front of an issue, a project, a vision, you don't know how it will turn out.

It's a simple truth; something, anything, frankly, has to happen to truly know the results. It's such a simple fact; yet, it's one we don't often appreciate.

We'd like to peek over the hill. To know what has happened. Oh, the urge! Has it gone how I hoped it would? Or it all went bollocks?

The slow climb up the hill. It's excruciating. Going up, all energy slowly draining away. No end in sight. Moving my almost-dead limbs farther up this stupid thing.

But I drag myself up to the peak, finally. Oh the view! I can see everything so clearly now. Just gotta slide down the hill to where I want to go. Smooth and easy.

There'd be no slide without the climb.

Work pays off.

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