Lesson 16: Health


20 Lessons From 2020

Health was never a strength of mine, to be honest. It's not like I was terribly sick; no, there were and still are millions of people suffering way worse stuff than I did. But still, I wasn't that healthy for most of my life.

It was never truly a priority for me. I almost always found some things that were seemingly more "important" than taking care of my health, both mental and physical. Starting to take care of yourself means directly confronting your problems; it's often easier to just run away from them.

This year finally gave me space. So much space. It came at the right time, when I was finally mentally ready to take care of myself more.

I didn't go on a crazy 60-day diet, or an excruciating training program. I simply built habits that changed my defaults; instead of going by bus, let's go by bike. Instead of sitting down and watching Netflix, let's go for a walk.

Health is incredibly important, once you loose it, it's mostly gone. And, without health, there's really nothing else.

Lesson sixteen: there's only one priority.

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