Subconscious Intentional Ignorance - 16

There are certain basic elements of human life that we must ignore in order to function normally. Humans, being mortal and not omnipotent, are by nature impermanent and insignificant. No one will leave this world without experiencing loss, conflict, weakness, and of course eventually death. In order to function normally, without being overpowered by grief, fear, etc., we must subconsciously ignore these things.

Historically, those listed above have not been the only things that we have to accept and ignore as a fact of life. War, poverty, stark inequality - those were always problems that even just decades ago seemed unsolveable. We simply didn't have the scale - but I don't believe that we need to accept these things anymore. We have advanced technologically, exponentially, but our society hasn't caught up and adjusted. We are employing that technique to forget things that don't need to be forgotten, that need to be fixed.

I'm not sure what this phenomenon of subconscious intentional ignorance is called, but I know it exists and is a pretty big problem when it's used incorrectly. It's a big part of what has allowed problems like discrimination to continue to exist.

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