Slipping Away - 17

Free time always feels like it's slipping away from me and being wasted, no matter how productive I am on any given day. I tend to focus heavily on certain activities or experiences in my life, so I'll often forget anything that wasn't important at the time: for example, I was doing applications over last winter and my cat was sick. I was on a ski trip. Other than that, I don't really remember much about the winter of 2019.

I want to figure out how to make myself feel like I'm in control of my breaks, and remember things. (Edit: after publishing this post, I've realized that I don't even remember what's in some of the 16 posts I've written on here. Oh well.)

The first part is pretty easy, I think; if I just add more structure to my life and make sure I'm doing things that I want to do - not just consuming or exclusively experiencing the present moment - things will feel longer and more fulfilling.

For that second thing, I think there are two things that I can do: first, make a daily memory-ish thing system (not sure what to call it) in which I end every day with a short review session. I could write down one thing that I feel was the most important or the most significant that day, and also note down my moods, short thoughts, screen time... I could use it to start with quantified self (I was introduced to that topic from a blog but I can't remember the title, unfortunately) or do other sorts of tracking. Possibilities are pretty substantial.

The second idea I have is a little bit more out there. I could try using spaced repetition to help myself remember events and see if it makes a difference. It's a technique used to help those with memory difficulties, so it'd probably be at least somewhat effective for me. Any period of reflection would help, I think, and combining it with SR would add to the benefits.

I've also seen daily journal-ish software, so I guess I could try one of those. Not that interested in paying 5.99/mo for some shitty iOS app, though. As always, further research is required.

Not sure if this is coherent but whatever I guess, I'm writing for myself anyway

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