Meditation - 26

There is no reason that I don't meditate. I went on a 60-day meditation streak and it made me happy. Everyone says it's a good thing for your mind, health, creativity, you name it. I'm just not doing it right now.

I'll probably start next week, when my new habits kick in: I'm setting a diet and eating schedule, implementing a time blocking system, practicing various prosocial behaviors, etc. etc. I'll write something about it - hopefully - when I get further into it.

The general gist of my previous experiences were that it was a little annoying to get started with every night but once I did I'd be very happy I was doing it. It was very difficult to clear my mind, and I got gradually better of it, but one thing I'd recommend (and will make sure to do myself) is keep a pad of paper next to your desk in case your thoughts wander and you want to write something down. It might interrupt your flow, but in a lot of cases it's been worth it for me, even if it sometimes means I need to start over.

I used Headspace, since it's consumer-friendly, but I'll probably branch out more this time and try other types of meditation. Some research on the actual effects and studies done on it would be beneficial too. One day I hope I will get around to doing that.

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