Ideaflow - 35

One thing that I can never have enough of is ideas. I come up with what I think of as a 'cool idea' on an almost-daily basis, and since I have a Notes shortcut in my Control Center, I usually just open my phone, write it down, and then that's it.

I created a Shortcut to export these notes in a single textfile, in bullet point format, with the intention of sorting through them and categorizing them for future use (e.g. when i'm looking for a project to finally help myself learn JS). This didn't work out at all. Not only was it difficult to group these ideas by common characteristics (I had everything from narrative ideas to shower thoughts); I had absolutely no idea what to do with them even if I was able to categorize them. Do they go into my Zettelkasten? Do they go under some tag in my Standard Notes? Do they go into a separate folder on my sync server? How will I know when to use them? How can I easily search them?

I feel as though I'd be creating a lot more if I had this 'ideaflow' ironed out. Hopefully I will be able to do so sometime soon, but considering the mess that I'm currently in, it might be a while.

Well, there's not much to be done tonight. See you tomorrow for #36.


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