Indexed - 42

It's an extremely weird feeling to see my content indexed, to have it show up in search results.

My personal blog is the second result for my name on DuckDuckGo. On Google, it's very different - results are almost entirely profiles for high school sports players in the midwest - but one day I think it'll get there.

The same thing goes for this blog, though it needs more specific search terms; it's a lot less likely to be found by accident. I am currently the second and fifth results on DDG and google respectively for @branches.

I think that the reason this is so strange for me is that I've always thought of the internet, of the search results section, as 'someone else's territory'. I never imagined something that I've built would there when I search for it; it always seemed to stay too far on the fringe. (I don't promote my site, nor do I promote this blog.)

I don't know, but it's probably something I'll have to get used to (wink wink).


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